Coriaz Windshield for Dominar 400

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Improve riding aerodynamics on your Dominar 400 with the Coriaz windshield. Designed to reduce wind load on chest and minimise buffeting across the helmet, this is an essential touring upgrade on your motorcycle.

The windshield will attach to the headlight cowl of the motorcycle by means of a bracket included in the package.


1. Package will contain 1x Coriaz windshield, 1x powdercoated MS bracket, 4x sets of M6 Allen Head bolts with washers. Does not include front number plate relocator

2. Bracket is to be attached with stock bolts on to the original headlight cowl after removing number plate holder and stock visor.

3. Windshield will be dispatched without predrilled holes to attach to bracket. This is to allow user to adjust the elevation of the windshield according to user's height.

4. Stock front  number plate holder is not compatible with the Coriaz windshield. Customer to buy front number plate holder separately. Sahyadri does not recommend using stickers for displaying registration number since this may not be allowed by certain RTOs in India.